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06/19/2017  Important lessons for young parents who want to set up their kids financial future  (17:05)

05/30/2017  Young, Broke but Still Want to Save?  (20:00)

05/03/2017  Parenting doesn’t have to be so expensive  (25:00)

04/17/2017  Talk to your kids about money… warts and all  (20:00)

04/10/2017  Our grandparents learned about money in school, why don’t our kids?  (19:00)

03/27/2017  How different cultures teach money to kids  (23:00)

01/30/2017  The Opposite of Spoiled: A conversation with New York Times Financial columnist Ron Lieber  (22:00)

01/16/2017  Counterfeit Money and Counterfeit News: How they are related  (17:05)

01/11/2017  Giving your kids an allowance: What you need to know  (23:44)

11/23/16  The Scary State of Cybersecurity with ‘Swiped’ Author Adam Levin  (30:53)

11/15/16  Young Adults and Money with Jim Cramer  (25:26)

10/25/16  How to be a Financial Grown-up  (26:02)

9/20/16  Kids & Money  (18:28)